Baby ladybug


Anybody know anything about this little chap ? What is he ? Found him/her on a bunch of fallen Sycamore seeds. Sorry to scare you ! He’s only about 4mm long. 

Baby Ladybug

Wow ! Thanks @rvdbird ! A BABY LADYBUG it seems to be ! Cool ! I will take care of him. Glad there’s no pesticides in my garden.

And in 3-D. Time spent with a new pal is never wasted ! Apologies for imperfect alignment. Will fix when I have my laptop to hand. So this is a ladybug larva ! Or ‘ladybird’ if you’re British. Thanks @rvdbird

Baby ladybug in stereo

So this what I learned today. Thank you – what enchantments Nature holds ! And how easy is it for us clumsy humans to destroy such wonders. Every creature is precious. Not just every species. Every being. When will we wake up to a realisation of what is REALLY important in this life ?

Ladybug life cycme