Flu jab. Do it ! – Waaaay too weird ! – A great talk


Flu jab. Do it ! Pneumonia jab. Do it ! Yeeeow !! I’m kidding – it didn’t hurt. I figure an awful lot of people are depending on me to be fit for the job in the next few months. So now hopefully I’m less likely to succumb. Plus I’m improving herd immunity – our entire touring party (about 100 good folk) needs to stay healthy all around Europe (which includes Britain of course). Right ! Back to the training regime ! But today I’m at the BR film set, watching other people work !!!

Don't risk flu

This is waaaay too weird ! On set of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY the movie right now.

Anita and Gwilym

Stereoscopists !! LOOK ! This will be a great talk. Denis has unlocked some well-kept secrets from the very birth of Photography and Stereoscopy. Not to be missed if you are within reach of Coventry.


Denis Pellerin Coventry talkBri

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