Gustav Holst

 Visiting another hero – Gustav Holst. At the Holst Museum, Cheltenham. Very inspiring. How did this quiet unassuming teacher write one of the most stupendous pieces of music in history ? THE PLANETS !!!

Bri sitting at Gustav Holst's piano

Sitting at Holst’s piano. No ! Not playing it ! I wouldn’t dare touch it !!! This is the sitting room of his childhood and his portrait is on the wall. Inspiring. I’m going straight home tonight to play my old vinyl copy of THE PLANETS suite. Amazing. #holst Bri. Photo by Sara Bricusse.

Upstaged by an Owl - Cheltenham

Ever been upstaged by an OWL ? At the Cheltenham Book Extravaganza ! Photo by P. Webb Esq.

Bri at Cheltenham

THANKS folks for a great reception tonight at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. And thanks @3dbyelisa for the pic.