Ha ! Yes Mr Singer


Ha ! Yes Mr. Singer ! And I might just show y’all the picture I took !

Bryan Singer tweet


OK ! As promised. The photo that Brian Singer took a picture of me taking !! OR IS IT ? Isn’t that me around 1981 ?

Photo Bri took on set

Photo Bri took on set - stereo

But of course it was a 3-D picture. Grab your OWL, or free-view this ! Tell me you are not amazed !


* * *

For hints on viewing 3-D photos please visit www.LondonStereo.com. I used my FujiFilm W1 digital 3-D camera for this shot. If things are moving you can’t do the ‘rockin’ or ‘cha-cha’ method using the iPhone. I then edited the stereo in Photoshop on my laptop, and THEN sent it back to my iPhone to put on Instagram.


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