Good Morning Frankfurt !!!


Frankfurt rooftops

Good Morning Frankfurt !!! Old Frankfurt in the foreground. And, behind, a glimpse of “MeinHattan” ! This is what they call it here – a kind of Manhattan on the river Main … and so to the Messe to deliver QUEEN IN 3-D.

Delivering the goods in THE GIANT Frankfurt Book FAIR.

Bri delivering presentation, Frankfurt
Photo by Denis Pellerin –

Speaking about Das Buch ! (it’s in German, here. Hurrah ! Toll !!!)

Brian being interviewed for Das Buch
Photo by Denis Pellerin

QUEEN IN 3-D – Heading for China in translation ! With the lovely Mina.

Bri and Mina from China

Keeping a Czech on things ! Already in translation – ready for our QAL tour kick-off in Prague SOON !!! OK. Enough of this. I had a great day in Europe. It’s just so damn embarrassing apologising for Brexit the whole time. What hopeless nonsense. I enjoy being an enlightened European. Long may it be so. By the way this is Juraj – heavy weight owner of Slovart – publishing our shiny boon in Czech Republic. Thanks Juraj !

Bri with Juraj owner of Slovartz

Photo by Denis.

Auf Wiedersehen, dear Frankfurt folks. Alles gut. Danke schön.

Auf Weidersehen Frankfurt


I’m so proud. Anne Brummer and co – for Save-Me vaccinating badgers in a project which may change the world.

Anne Brummer vaccinating badgers

Bri X