Did you ever notice ?


Did you ever notice ? ONLY the Tory rags are available at Heathrow Terminal 5 !! Am I wrong to suspect dirty deals ? This country is still riddled with unfairness and corruption. Time we all woke up.

Tory rags at airport

OK ! A high speed unwrap specially for Heart Radio – happy to say my QUEEN in 3-D book is flying off the shelves fast ! Grab some early for Christmas pressies !

Brian May shows how to use the OWL

Watch out ! She’s our amazing ‘Mary’ in Bohemian Rhapsody The Movie. Lucy Boynton will rock you !

Lucy Boynton

Yep ! If you’re 3-D obsessed, every moving vehicle is an opportunity for a quick sequential stereo !

Every moving object a 3D opportunity

Plunging thro’ a sea of clouds ...

Brian May – plunging through a sea of clouds 11 Oct 2017