Crossing the jagged Carpathian Mountains, their valleys carpeted with clouds. Heading for Poland.

Hyperstereo with baseline created by the movement of the plane – the left and right shutter clicks were about 3 seconds apart. Yep – I know you all know about this stuff now ! Cool ! Probably best viewed on a lap top with an OWL.

Carpathian Mountains - stereo

Arrival in Poland at the Atlas Arena. I can’t spell this place properly. Although it appears on the itinerary as “Lodz” – that’s not really a sensible transliteration. It’s pronounced more like “Woodge”. Well, that’s what I’m going with ! HELLO WOODGE !!! Let’s Rock !

Arriving outside Atlas Arena

A little unusually, driving straight into the arena …! But here we are. Yay ! Let’s sound-check !

Driving straight into Lodz arena

Yay !

Brian arrives Atlas Arena, Lodz

Love of my life. Beautiful !!! Gotta be the most beautiful singing of the tour ! No ! Not me ! The Lodz audience tonight stirred my heart. THANK YOU POLAND !! Much love – and Dobry Viecher !!!

Live of my Life - Lodz