Farewell Newcastle – Hello Glasgow Rockers !!!


Good Morning Mr Buddha ! Good way to wake up !

Good Morning Mr Buddah - stereo

Hello Mr Elephant. This hotel is full of surprises !

Mr Elephant

Hello decorative vortex ! 

Decorative vortex

CONGRATULATIONS Kerry [Ellis] ! On starring in this fabulous play !!  Opening in Guildford Jan.

Kerry Ellis - Importance of Being Earnest

I like to get immersed in a subject … photo: Sharon A. 

Bri immersed in subject

Farewell Newcastle Excellent Spa getaway. It was just like home !!

Farewell Newcastle Spa

Hello Hydro !!! Hello Glasgow rockers !!!

ello Glasgow Hydro

Happy Birthday Asteroid Day ! Saving the planet ! Launched 3 years ago today. 

Asteroid Day

The birth of Asteroid Day. Here we see The Astronomer Royal and Grig Richters (founder of AD) and me. The project is already increasing our chances of avoiding an asteroid impact disaster on Earth.

Birth of Asteroid Day

Brilliant, Ed !!! Bri (explanation – this is how our video guys line up the displays on the giant screens in our show).

BBC Test card with Frank

It’s so annoying when the heads fall off these things !!! Ha ha. Just kidding. This is the amazing Guyton Transporter guitar which I’m polishing up my licks on tonight (as always!)

Annoying when head falls off these things


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