Tonight in Glasgow


Bri in Glasgow
Pic: Mallers

Wow Hollie ! You seem to have got the hang of this !!! Thanks ! @stereosbyhollie

Brian in Birmingham by Hollie

Amazing art ! A million thanks ! From my old pal Russell Green ? “The Save-Me Snowman” !!!

Save-Me Snowman by Russell GreenWith thanks to Russell Green

Great pic Rob ! Thanks !

Adam on Frank's head - and Brian

Proud of my Scots roots ! Thanks Russell !

Bri in Clan Fletcher shirt

One of the best starry skies I’ve seen on this tour ! Thanks Glasgow !!! This is probably the best application of smart phones !!! Ha ha. Bri. Photo: Pete

Starry Skies - Glasgow SSE Arena

Good ‘un, Pete. Ta. Tonight in Glasgow SSE Hydro Arena.

Bri bent over guitar - SSE Arena

This is a truly beautiful spot on the banks of the Clyde in the land of ma wee Mither. Shame they ruined it by sticking a golf course on it ! But you can’t have everything ! Ha ha. Well, it could be worse. We won’t even talk about the other kind of ‘sport’ that we still allow. Some day Nature will reclaim it all.

Beauty spot - banks of Clyde

LOOK ! It’s MAGIC !!! I’m loving watching these flocks of wild birds. Thank God for their freedom !! And I bet that disappearing act they perform when they turn is no accident. I’m sure it had some advantage for their survival in their evolutionary history. You think ? Look – it’s magic !

Brian May: Watching flocks of birds, Scotland

The patches of sunlight between the clouds paint this landscape in a constantly changing way. I was looking for the perfect moment when the trees in the foreground were lit and the hills behind dark. But perfection never comes. Especially in sequential stereo photography ! Long live imperfection !!! Bri. Oops … time to pack. Bags in 10 Mins. Such is life on the long and winding road …

Patches of sunlight over landscape - stereo

Go ADAM !!! Bugger ! I’ll have to try harder with the cloaks !!! Ha ha !

Adam in gold cape

Nice shot @alibertigimmi – you look like a serious photographer to me. This captures something I haven’t seen before. Hope you don’t mind me reposting it. And thank you @QueenieOfNorway.

Nice shot alibertigimmi

Our family. Saying “goodbye plane”. Touching.

Saying goodbye plane

Bri-0 X