Last night in Birmingham – and to Newcastle


Ha ha ! Classic in my Gym time. Just happened to capture young Harry expertly avoiding an interview with the hysterical TV lady !!!

Classic in my Gym time

Last night, in Birmingham surely the true birthplace of Heavy in Rock, I was honoured by a visit from my best buddy – the true Father of Metal ! God Bless ya Tony. Bri pic by Agent Ashley.

Tony Iommi and Bri - Birmingham

Heavens above ! The folks of Birmingham know their Rock, and never disappoint ! Thanks guys for that tumultuous reception. We’ll be back ! Very soon !!! Photo: Pete Mallers on my iPhone 7 plus with new operating system NOT installed. Don’t do it !!!

Bri on stage - Birmingham

Wow – nice photography ! From DAVE PHILLIPS, the very nice guy from DW drums visiting last night in Birmingham. THANKS !!!

Bri by Dave Phillips - Birmingham 30112017

Into the snows of the North East … kind for the heat of NEWCASTLE.

Into the snows of the North East

Straight to sound check – no rest for the wicked. Oh – sorry … no sleep til Hammersmith, right ?! Well, actually, not a lot of rest til we get back to Birmingham on the 16th December. It’s hammer down from here on in. HELLO NEWCASTLE !!!

Driving straight to the soundcheck - Newcastle

Me and my dressing room ‘rider’. See ? All healthy stuff ! Edamame, vegetable crisps, citrus, banana, water, ahem – chocolate, tea, berries, plus an assortment of olives, roasted peppers and other nibbles. Rice cakes. A bottle of red Vino Blotto for after gig – mainly for guests. And a New Zealand Chardonnay in the fridge – mainly for me. Note: No M & M’s with the brown ones taken out. No hard liquor. No biscuits – ouch ! I’m not complaining. Like I said, touring is a good life if ya’ don’t weaken !

My dressing room rider - Newcastle

Me and the eternally hard-working and indomitable Agent Ashley. Like coiled springs ! Ha ha. Nearly ready to Rock Newcastle. Hi folks !!!

With Agent Ashley - nearly ready to rock Newcastle