And now for a nice quite family game!!! Queen Monopoly


Queen Monopoly

And now for a nice quiet family game !!! I feel strangely proud of this new kind of Monopoly – I spent many hours as part of the team that created it – distilling as much of Queen’s journey into it as possible. I’m hoping that playing it will be more evocative of Life on the Road than the pursuit of money – more in line with the original form of the game. ( see Wikipedia for that rather sad story). I’d love to hear of your experiences of QUEEN MONOPOLY if you play it over the Holidays. Did you get your Full Productions up and running ?!

…bags this one …

Red Speial token

And in stereo … of course !

Red Special token - stereo

Couldn’t resist ! “ADVANCE TO WEMBLEY STADIUM” !!!

Advance to Wembley Stadium

And in Stereo … of course !

dvance to Wembley Stadium - stereo

Cheers all