Anita’s immortal moment


Anita as Angie Watts 1986

Anita Dobson as Angie Watts 1986 Anita’s immortal moment – Christmas 1986. 30 Million TV viewers gasped as Britain’s best loved barmaid, Angie Watts, was handed her divorce papers by her treacherous husband. Probably never seen in stereo until now ! As many habitual stereographers know, with careful choices it’s possible to couple two frames from a film or video to make a stereo view. Between these two frames Anita turned her head slightly – giving the parallax that gives the 3-D effect. It’s a hobby !

Cheers !

1986 was the year Queen played two packed nights at Wembley Stadium. Anita came to the second show and caused a large ripple in the audience ! She made history on TV, and changed that young Queen guitar player’s life forever. 

And also beautiful in Mono ! The first Queen of the Queen Vic in Eastenders.

Anita as Angie Watts - mono