Rock Hard Nails – Fatburger place



This nice lady is kinda saving my life. Because without the rock-hard powder gel surfaces she puts on my nails, I would get through only about 3 shows and I’d have no nails left on the pick hand (right). This has changed my life – and means I can lay into it without fear every night, plus I’m less dependent on a pick at all. That long first finger nail works perfectly as a pick. So if you see me dropping a sixpence, no worries !

Nails - finished result

The result ! Rock hard !!! These should see me through March in Oz. Hurrah !

See you out there – in Auckland next week – and then the big ol’ country of Australia all this month.

Rock !

What’s this ?! I know what you’re thinkin’. “He wouldn’t be seen dead in a Fatburger place”.

But … listen up … !



Fatburger ? But I was attracted by this sign. interesting to find a meatless hamburger in a place like this. But it has to be something to be encouraged – right ? So I tried it.


The Impossible Burger

Fatburger served me an IMPOSSIBLE BURGER ! (On beautiful Wilshire Boulevard). And … it was delicious ! The trend towards giving up eating meat seems to be accelerating. This is still slightly more expensive than a meat burger (what does that say about the way we value animals?) – but it’s good for the planet, good for the animals and good for you ! Have a look at the statistics they publish on the use of resources in making a non-meat burger, versus one made from the flesh of cows. OK guys … just make it one cent cheaper than the regular hamburger, and it’s game over. Why would anyone ever eat a piece of a dead mammal again ?


What's in it?

Vegetarianism goes mainstream !!! The Impossible Burger seems more than possible. OK – I’m not suggesting Fatburger is the best place to hang out if you’re already a vegetarian. But how great that people who are devoted to hamburgers now get this healthy option. They don’t say “Vegetarian Burger”. And I don’t see the word “Vegan”. Maybe these words are too risky for a meat-selling business and a meat-eating clientele. And they don’t mention the fact that no animals were bred specifically to be slaughtered in the making of this delicacy. So this is saving animals pain. But the facts of efficient use of the World’s resources are impressive. And suddenly a hamburger-eater is eliminating animal fat from his/her diet and will lower his risk of heart attack. Well, this has got to be seen as progress ?

Bri at Fatburgers