Everything’s purple-pink on this plane


Everything's purple-pink

Wow ! Everything’s purple-pink on this plane. Including me ! Well, this is a new adventure. In 12 hours time I’ll be meeting up with our team and soon – our first show of the tour – Auckland Spark Arena ! Great way to start ! Hey Kiwis !!! Let’s …. erm … do a little rockin’ and rollin’ together ! OK ?

Looking out of the window

Beautiful view from my Boeing 777 (well, not mine, actually – it belongs to Air New Zealand) – a delicately gleaming thin waning crescent Moon to Port, seen here above the wing light just after Dawn, landing in … Auckland ! Hello good Kiwi folks ! We’re back !

Beautiful view

Wondering what it must have felt like for the Apollo astronauts to look out of their window and see Planet Earth from somewhere near that shining Moon. I’m reading a great book … tell you later … 

Arrival in New Zealand

Hey ! Jet lag ?! WHAT jet lag ?!! Arrival in New Zealand – all alone, a very long way from home. But not for long now. Tomorrow we meet up for production rehearsals. And that hand had better hold up. Time to make sure we can still ride the horse !


Back on the horse

Back on ‘t’ horse. Best way to shake off 12 hours of plane Inactivity ?

Back in Auckland

Nice to be back in Auckland. It looks nice, except the city seems to have contracted the same construction mania disease as London. What a shame that construction embodies so much destruction.

Exactly ! All of us. All creatures.

Looking up at the Moon

Added London show !

Added London show


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