Simple pleasures


Simple pleasures away from home. Bike. 7 minute workout. Swim. Massage. Nice relaxing lemon grass and ginger tea. And .. breathe. Now I feel like I landed. Hello Auckland !!! I might need a nap !

Lemongrass and ginger tea

Our destination Saturday Night ! I wonder who might be there tonight ?!

park Arena

Truly Awesome at the Spark Arena – ROBBIE WILLIAMS. We will never see a better entertainer than Rob. He’s the very essence of a performer – he gives his entire self to it – he’s absolutely real and fearless. It’s enchanting. Like the most exquisite ice skater he needs no brakes – he’s effortlessly in control. You gotta love him. And the band were rockin’. THANKS GUY ! And thanks guys


Robbie Williams - Spark Arena