Why did Freddie sing “Our” featured songs in the live show ?


[In answer to SEE LETTERS]

Why did Freddie sing ‘our’ featured songs in the live show ? Like ’39 and Sheer Heart Attack ? It’s a fair question. The truth is quite simple, really. As time went on, we appreciated more and more that having one of the best singers in the world, it made sense to use him as much as possible. It was not just his actual vocal prowess, but his ability to connect with the audience and be the figurehead – the channel – for the Queen show. As you say, it would have felt uncomfortable for me to have Freddie hanging around on stage just do sing backing vocals … and if he went off for a rest instead, we’d be lacking one of the three parts for the choruses. So I was more than happy for Freddie to take the lead on my songs in a live situation. So was Roger. There is also the bonus that NOT singing lead vocal enables a guitar player to put more expression into the playing, even though it’s ‘only’ rhythm. This means the band was functioning in the way it worked best – with each of us at our ‘station’, and the engine at full power.

I think it was a good choice ? !



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