Happy 10th Birthday (New) LSC


It’s somebody’s birthday. Guess who?

It’s the London Stereoscopic Company’s birthday. We are 10 years old.

Now the original London Stereoscopic Company was founded in 1854 so it’s about 164 years old but we are 10 and very proud of it. The centre of it all is the OWL and the books that we originally published – originally with Elena [Vidal] and latterly with the wonderful Denis – and we have lots of series of cards. We have our pride and joy, which the OWL VR Kit and we even have a Lite OWL, which we love and we hope that there will be one in every home, because the original motto of the London Stereoscopic Company was “A stereoscope in every home”.

Thank you for supporting us and we love ya’, and here’s to you in depth.

Brian May: Happy 10th Birthday to new London Stereoscopic Company 28/03/2018
– https://youtu.be/YA1ySHhFBbQ