Petition to stop all UK Fur Sales


I’ll be one of a posse this morning, handing in a petition asking the Government to STOP all fur sales in the U.K. No excuse for this disgusting cruelty any more.



Clothes to die for

Early morning start to rendezvous at 10 Downing Street, presenting the petition to make Britain fur free. 

Our fabulous Save-Me CEO Anne Brummer looks amazing, having lost 4 and a half stone on her Vegan diet.

Bri and Anne

At 10 Downing Street ! Petition handed in – calling for nothing less than a COMPLETE BAN in FUR trading in the U.K.

Petition handed in

An END to the terrible suffering of millions of animals just for us to ‘look pretty’. No justification for the wearing of real fur any more.

Bri, Anne and 'animals'

Thanks to Humane Society International, PETA, 4Paws, Viva, and thanks for the incredible support from LUSH. Fur trading must stop now. End the needless suffering of Minks, Chinchillas, foxes and, shockingly, cats and dogs. Make a stand. Refuse to wear fur. If you are sold an item and told it’s fake fur, and it turns out to be real fur – DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK.

Brian and deputation

In this box are over 400,000 signatures to the petition to END fur trading. Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood are ALL eliminating fur from their products. It’s TIME !!! Check your ‘faux fur’ coats to see if they are really fake – or Real Fur which came from a fox or mink or a dog or a cat, bred purely to be skinned. Disgusting trade. It has to end NOW.

Brian and petition box - Downing Street

My Sky News on-the-hop interview piece from this afternoon. Explaining why we must now have an absolute ban on fur trading.

Brian May – on occasion of handing in Anti-fur petition to No 10

Bri on Sky News - 26 March 2018
Bri on Sky News