Hello Melbourne, old friend


Melbourne from hotel

Hello Melbourne, old friend. Looking forward to connecting with your sons and daughters tonight. Bri nice opportunity for a hyperstereo pic from my hotel.

I just met Collette Dinnigan – who is devoting her time to try to stop the import of Ivory and Rhino horn to Australia (much as we campaign the UK). YOU CAN HELP, Melbourne folks. Join Collette tomorrow and tell the Government it’s time to act.

Melbourne Crush

Above the clouds in Melbourne … great night !

Above the clouds, Melbourne

A Pete’s eye view of selfie stick moment in Melbourne tonight ! Check my YouTube channel in a few days to see yourself in 3-D ! Thanks Melbourne !!! 

Pete's eye view - Melbourne

Fat Bottom Girls moment !!! Me and Madame Lambert !

Bri with Madame Lambert"



Check under car hood
Reminder : Cold season is srarting, and cats seek shelter in cars.  Do not forget to give a few taps on the hood before starting your car.  Re-post please!


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