Melbourne today


Bri and fans - Readings bookshop

Readings bookshop, St Kilda, Melbourne, 3 March 2018 Thanks guys ! Queen in 3-D aficionados have my respect. Thanks for being so totally civilised while still being wildly supportive ! I DID promise 3-D and it’s coming – but with something so ‘landscape’ in format, side-by-side it will be small – so I hope you guys are viewing on your laptops.

And in stereo !!! Well, I did warn you !!! We’ll just have to put it in the next book ! Don’t forget to check out the 3-D selfie movies on my YouTube channel !

Bri and fans - Readings bookshop - stereo

Cheers !
Bri (and thanks for coming).

Bri and Adam with Bicycle
Melbourne 3 March 2018

There’s nowhere safe on our stage. Bloody cyclists !!! Ha ha ! Thanks you guys in Melbourne for two magnificent sold-out houses – and a warmth that melted our hearts ! Who could ask for more !!!