Who knows this face ? – and – National Portrait Gallery

T R Williams
T R Williams

Who knows this face ? My hero T. R. Williams is one of our “stereoscopic giants” – or Kings of 3-D portraiture, who performed exquisite photographic magic in the 1850s. One of 5 pioneers whose work we shall be projecting in glorious digital 3-D, tonight only, at the National Portrait Gallery. Sorry – NO SIGNING tonight. Please don’t bring things to sign this evening since we are guests of the NPG, and they have a curfew. We’ll be selling pre-signed limited edition book.

Brian May - ready to rock NPG

Hello NPG folks ! Ready to … erm … rock !

NPG - Bri and Denis

Thanks Save-Me friend ! And thanks all you folks who gave us such a warm 3-D reception at the #nationalportraitgallery this evening. Stereoscopy rules !!!


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