All Hail England’s Footy !!!

World Cup football crowd 11 July 2018
World Cup football crowd 11 July 2018

I gotta say – massive respect to the England football team. I speak as a person who has not been seriously interested in football since Stanley Matthews. As this tournament developed, I felt myself more and more drawn in – along with millions of other Brits who are normally not bothered – and in the end, tonight, I was riveted as they valiantly battled it our with Croatia. I feel this brilliant bunch of young men did exactly what their admirable coach asked them to do. They restored respect for English football. But more than that – they gave us all a reason to feel proud and unified – in a country that has slipped into despair over the Brexit shambles and lack of leadership. These guys actually gave us back a glimpse of hope.

All Hail England’s footy !!!