Spain wins a Cup


I went to a football match! Very privileged I felt, and a little guilty, because I am no expert …

But it was great. In Kiev, the Spanish team won in what I thought was a highly skilled display …

And it was about 10 times more fun than I expected … just to be there, drinking in the atmosphere – amazing.

I took a picture of the Spanish team’s moment of celebration – just after they had been awarded the trophy.

Spain win football in Kiev

From our position we could just see them from behind, basking in a hail of silver confetti, which you can see in 3-D in this picture that I took with my trusty Fujifilm W1.

It must have been an incredible feeling for them.

I think I am a convert !! And congratulations, España !!!

And thank you, Elena and Victor.

Cheers Bri