Farewell Edinburgh – Hello Aberdeen


Looking up ! Farewell Edinburgh – what a buzz ! Thanks ! Hope to be back soon.

Hello Aberdeen - in sunsunshine
An Aberdeen street

It’s a Rose Bay Willow Herb world ! It must be the most successful organism in these parts ! Who knew ? Now the purple spikes are turning fluffy white as the flowers give way to seeds. On the banks of the railway line they are EVERYWHERE !

Brian May: Rose Bay Willow Herb

Hello Aberdeen ! Sparkling in the sunshine !!

Hello Aberdeen - in sunsunshine

George Washington Wilson’s house !! Part of our pilgrimage ! Bringing GWW home !

George Washington Wilson's house - Aberdeen
George Washington Wilson’s house – Aberdeen

Prof Roger Taylor bringing George Washington Wilson back to Aberdeen this afternoon. 

Prof Taylor in Aberdeen this afternoon
Prof Taylor in Aberdeen this afternoon

Thanks dear Aberdonians for receiving us so warmly tonight (16 August).

An unforgettable moment.

GWW - portraits collage

We made headlines in Aberdeen ! Happy. Mission accomplished ! Thanks to all you good folks in the Granite City ! 

 Aberdeen Journal - header

Visiting GWW’s house – which is now the Clydesdale Bank, who received us warmly and took us up to the dusty turret ! Grateful!

GWW's house - stereo
George Washington Wilson’s house – stereo

The CastleGate – Aberdeen architecture is epic. We’re comparing with the 1860s picked in the GWW book. Not too much has changed here on the outside.

Castlegate, Aberdeen
Castlegate, Aberdeen


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