Off to Bonnie Scotland !


Off To Bonnie Scotland

Off to Bonnie Scotland ! Via King’s Cross. A masterpiece of Victorian architecture ! We’re off to launch our new 3-D book on the life and work of a Victorian master photographer – George Washington Wilson. Celebrating a Scottish hero.

Off to Bonnie Scotland - stereo

And (of course) in stereo. Very imperfect because it’s sequential and very little stays still in a station ! Especially the train on the right. But what’s a little retinal rivalry between friends ? George Washington Wilson used an instantaneous stereo camera most of the time, so, unlike my true hero T.R. Williams 10 years earlier, he didn’t do many sequential stereos. He did, however take some stereos with long baselines, which is a bit of a mystery.

Bri on train with GWW book

So here we are on the train ! There’s something nice and civilised about the train. Nice tea ladies (and gents). Sandwiches. Coffee. Scenery. Cows in fields. People with laptops. Scenery. Relaxed conversation. Scenery. Wild flowers. Clouds. A gentle rhythmic sound of the wheels. Scenery. Final planning for the talk we’ll be giving in Edinburgh – and then on to Aberdeen – the birth place of GWW.

GWW Ellen's Isle stereo card

This might be my favourite picture in the GWW book. (George Washington Wilson). It’s a reproduction of a classic GWW stereo card – with typical yellow mount. It’s so crisp it looks like it was printed yesterday – instead of 150 years ago. The quality of reproduction is so high – stochastic screen printing – that you can view these illustrations in your (included) LITE OWL stereoscope and see them in just the same depth as GWW’s Victorian audience did. OK – enough hard sell !! By the way — you can free-view this and see it in 3-D – even though it’s a photo of a print of a photo etc … the magic comes through !!!

Brian holding GWW book

NEWSFLASH: More tickets have just been released to attend the launch of Brian May and Prof Roger Taylor’s “GeorgeWashingtonWilson” in Aberdeen, the birthplace of the great Scottish Victorian artist and photographer 

So there’s good news for you guys who were disappointed because you got a ‘sold out’ message. Hurrah ! See ya there ! 

The Wee Restaurant

Yep ! This is definitely Bonnie Scotland ! I’ll likely be calling in here for a wee cuppie !