Fine friend – Go Adam – R.I.P. John McCain – Neil Murray Birthday – All Hail Sylvia Evans


My friend is here … call me old-fashioned, but this is one of the threads in my life I’m most grateful for. Fabulous creature – I’m happy that this brutal world allows him to live.

Dragonfly 01

Back on his usual perch. Joyous colour ! A fine friend.

Dragonfly 02

He’s not afraid of me. He lets me approach. How amazing that we two, him and me, two creatures so different, can share this garden and this moment. I’m grateful.

Dragonfly 03

You HAVE to see him in his full splendour in 3-D.

Dragonfly 04 stereo

Go Adam ! GO US !!! ? Rockin’ Las Vegas very soon !!!

Adam Lambert on the ‘Pressure’ to Release Killer New Music After Years-Long Break (Exclusive) Published 26 August 2018

Respects to John McCain, who, in these troubled times, stands as a shining symbol of American Decency. God bless him. RIP.

John McCain

Happy Birthday Neil Murray – Giant Among Bass Players !!!

Neil Murray

All hail Sylvia Evans !!! After 30 years of fighting for animals I hope you’re feeling loved and appreciated ! GET BETTER SOON ! And Rock On ! Much love from Bri and Anne and all at Save-Me. And … Hey Dr. J ! More power to ya !

Sylvia Evans