General George A Custer, c 1865

General Custer 3-D
General Custer 3-D

General George A Custer. C 1865. I was fascinated by this post by @stereoscopichistory (may I repost ?!) stereo is such a powerful medium for portraits. Look into those eyes (which I believe were blue). Do you see a man who could mercilessly destroy a village full of women and children ? The Sioux arranged a particularly merciless death for the white man they hated the most. If you’re interested in this sad piece of history, I recommend a book called “Bury my heart at Wounded Knee” by Russell Means, which tells ‘How the West Was Won’ from a Native Indian perspective. It changed my view of my world and my race. Forever.

General Custer - stereo portrait

Another nice stereo portrait of Custer, and the info with this post is fascinating – thanks @hubbledoge — So ! are there any more nice 3-D portraits of Custer out there ?