Afternoon’s filming rescued hedgehogs – Vegas is happening ! – and – Hello Scots !


Afternoon’s filming with rescued Hedgehogs are … precious !

Bri and rescured hedgehog

Thanks Steve Backshall  !! Filming for “Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs” – two one-hour programmes to be aired on Channel 5 in April ! Watch out !!! – Athena Film.

Steve Backshall and Bri

The climax of the day ! Releasing 24 hoglets into their new (temporary) home – where they can learn to forage and take care of themselves in perfect safety. Thanks @anneatsavemefor creating this Hedgehog Heaven. And thanks Steve Backshall @backshall.steve for your time and talent. Watch out on Channel 5 next April – “Saving the Hedgehogs”. Let’s hope we do. 


Life is a learning curve ! One happy hedgehog in natural (but safe) habitat. All these rescuees are a tribute to the TLC they’ve enjoyed at Save-Me HQ. Soon they will return truly to the wild, where they belong. Save the Hogs ! Thanks @anneatsaveme for these wonders !

YES !!! Vegas IS happening ! A new adventure ! Better get those fingers hardened up ! See ya there !

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Hello Scots ! We will be projecting in 3-D some exquisite 3-D Scottish landscapes by a truly great Scottish stereographer. In person ! In Edinburgh and Aberdeen ! One time only ! Can’t wait !

GWW talks Edinburgh and AberdeenBri