Lighting up Carnaby St (21 Oct) – Science Museum – It’s time (Bohemian Rhapsody Premiere)


Catch-up from last night (Sunday 21 Oct) – lighting up Carnaby Street. Unreal !!! Thanks folks for mobbing it ! Bri. Rog, Bri, Ben, Joe, Gwilym. A night to remember.

Carnaby Street lit up
Photo: Georgia Hudson

Some magic from last night – switching on those lights in Carnaby Street. Big Buzz ! Bri Rog, Bri, Ben, Joe, Gwilym. A night to remember.

Lights and fireworks - Carnaby Street
Photo: Georgia Hudson

Pressing that big button – with our fantastic alter-ego’s. I know – as if our egos weren’t enough ! Ha ha ! Rami, Lucy, Rog, Bri, Ben, Joe, Gwilym. A night to remember.

Pressing the big red button - Carnaby Street
Photo: Georgia Hudson

Count-Down to ignition. Thanks David Eicher  for this nice clip. 

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And this is all nonsense, of course – as you’ll clearly see if/when you see the movie. The funniest thing is – who would have thought that a Daily Mail writer would believe something they read in The Sun ?!! ? . . . . These days it seems that untruths spread faster than truths. I wonder if it was always that way … 

Press cutting Daily Mail
Source: MailOnLine

Thanks guys !!! Rock on !

All day Absolute Queen

At the Mission Moon 3-D launch tonight – two Apollo Slings – and a Lunar Exploration Module in the background. Thanks to the Science Museum for hosting this for us. I really enjoyed the evening.

Moon cocktails
Moon Cocktails created by The 43 Club and named by Brian, Apollo Sling and Vodka Voskhod. Photo: Steven Young

Chatting with the great Charlie Duke – still the youngest man ever to walk on the Moon – on Skype this evening. Thank you so much Charlie – you were the jewel in our crown this evening – the launch of MISSION MOON 3-D. Thanks Steven Young (creator of Astrofest) for this picture

"Chatting with Charlie Duke

The one and only David Eicher and myself this evening posing in front of an Apollo missions relic at the Science Museum this evening. Our book, Mission Moon 3-D is now launched !

David Eicher and Bri with MM3D and spacecraft

And tomorrow is now today. This day has been so long in coming. In so many ways. So many emotions right now. I guess I’d better get some sleep. See you out there, folks.

Bohemian Rhapsody

A real-life fantasy ! This picture will stay in my mind for a long time. Thanks Lucy B – your pic is the best ! @lucyboynton1

Carnaby Street lights by Lucy Boynton

Speaking at the Science Museum last night – the serious side of things – with David Eicher.

Brian May and David Eicher
Brian May and David Eicher – Photo by Paul Harmer

And the less serious moments … demonstrating the Cocktails at the Mission Moon 3-D launch – on the left, the Vodka Voskhod – on the right, the Apollo Sling. Do you think they will catch on ? 

Demonstrating cocktails with their makers - MM3-D launch
Pictured with their makers by Paul Harmer

Good morning Planet Earth ! Here’s an echo from last night on a virtual moon with not quite the real Buzz Aldrin !! Ready for a stellar night tonight !!! Let’s rock !

Good Morning Planet Earth - Bri and David Eicher MM3D launc
Photo: LSC Denis

It’s time !!!!!!!