More Pop-Up shop


LOOKING IN THE WINDOW – of the Bohemian Rhapsody Pop-Up shop window yesterday afternoon. Grand opening TODAY – Carnaby Street.

Pop-up shop window 17 Oct 201

One of us is three-dimensional ! It’s only in a 3-D picture you can tell which ! 

Bri and Freddie - 1 in 3-D

Pop-up shop window – much better in 3-D !

Pop-up shop window - 3-D

Is it Freddie or Rami ? Well, I’m good with both ! At the Queen shop In Carnaby Street from today.

Bri and Freddie or Rami?

Teddies and toys !! QUEEN Pop-up shop, Carnaby Street as of today. 

Teddies and toys - mono

Looks like I can take care of my Christmas challenges right here !!

Teddies and toys - stereo

So proud of Queen Monopoly … I think it’s a great testament in its way. So here’s another chance to acquire one for your family Boxing Day amusement – at the Queen Pop-up shop in Carnaby Street. Opening today !!!! 

Queen Monopoly

 BMG SWIMMERS for boys !! (and girls’ gear is on the way !) custom made under the fabulous Vilebrequin marque. These are SERIOUS trunks ! In the Pop-Up Shop.

Guitar swimmers

Thanks Classic Rock ! Nice cover.

Classic Rock cover

#1 !!! Love it ! Thanks folks. 

Mission Moon 3-D - No1 Amazon