Andromeda Galaxy – Ultima Thule: Where to watch – Bad Boy (again!)


A brand new portrait of M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest Spiral Galaxy to the Milky Way in which we live. Astonishingly, this was taken from the ground, IN ENGLAND !! At the New Forest Observatory by my friend Prof Greg Parker, with processing by Noel Carboni.

Approaching New Year, with my spirit struggling for reassurance, this lifts my perspectives to the infinite grandeur of the Universe.

For more wonders, Google these guys, and check out every day. (Earth Science Picture of the Day)

M31 - Andromeda Galaxy
Earth Science Picture of the Day 28 December 2918 – by Greg Parker

Want to follow the amazing NASA encounter with MU69 at New Years Eve ? And witness the premiere of my new NEW HORIZONS music track ? Here’s how to do it. See you there !! I will be physically there in Maryland for this momentous moment !

Ultima Thule - where to watch

OK – I’m a bad boy (again!) – but I couldn’t resist capturing this moment, sitting in the small theatre in New York at the USA premiere of our film – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. This was my first opportunity to witness the effect that my arrangement of the FOX FANFARE would have on an audience not composed of Queen fans as such. And the very beginning of the film’s journey in the USA. Chills up the spine ! And now – as the film continues to smash records around the world (thanks folks !!)! I can’t resist sharing this early tentative moment. ******* The icing on the cake is the finishing touch we added in the mix suite – Freddie’s “Hey Hey Hey” at the end enables him to put his stamp on this opening declaration. And the finished piece is a clear signal to the audience, I think, that this movie got our (Rog and my) seal of approval. I think this will make me smile to my dying day !