Boxing Day


5am start on Boxing Day ?!! No rest for the wicked. I’m going hunting. Wanna join us ? Clean Boot Hunting. With Compassionate Riders. No animal will be harmed, human or otherwise. You will see !

Brian May: Good Morning Wales !

Good Morning Wales !!! I should probably explain.. over the last few years we’ve been supporting ‘Hunting the Clean Boot’. Fox-Hunting – actually pursuing foxes and tearing them apart with packs of dogs – has been illegal since the Hunting Act came into effect in 2005. But Boxing Day then became the day when the old school blood hunts paraded in British cities to declare their defiance, and celebrate the fact that they were still killing foxes. That is still going on in some places, and will doubtless be reported by the Telegraph again this year as a ‘victory for the countryside’. But the countryside is changing fast. On the whole country folk are eschewing cruelty like the rest of the country. Our great friend Byron John made his own decision to move from Fox Hunting to the humane and actually more challenging sport of hunting a human runner. He created the Three Counties bloodhounds and – in spite of abuse from all sides – including, mistakenly, some animal lovers – has spread this philosophy and practice with great success.

Save Me team on way to Wales

Good Morning !!! From the Save-Me executive team !!! On the way to support Byron John’s completely humane Boxing Day Clean Boot Hunt. Wanna come and see ? There’s an explanation of Clean Boot Hunting in my previous post. This is the future of Hunting in the UK. And no animal will be harmed. And they won’t be ‘accidentally’ chasing foxes ! That’s why, as Save-Me, we’re here. And there’s much more to say.

Byron John and Brian

With the Master of the Three Counties Bloodhounds. Byron John. Let’s go !

Bri and runners

With the intrepid RUNNERS ! Ready to be the quarry.


A very traditional scene. But these are bloodhounds – they are the world’s experts at following a scent – but the scent is of humans. No bloodshed today. 


The Master of the Hunt – Byron John – doing his welcome speech – and catching us by surprise !



The chase begins ! The runners are way ahead. So are the hounds !!! 

Gower Peninsular view - stereo

Fantastic view up here – looking over the entire Gower Peninsula – coincidentally (?) the site of our new campaign against Bovine TB in collaboration with the Gower farmers. The runners have passed us. The hounds are on the way !!




Five years ago, this sound would have filled me with dread and loathing – knowing that the end result was going to be an innocent animal being torn alive limb from limb. But these doggies are not trained to kill. They are excited to follow a human scent – and happy to accept some food and a cuddle as reward for successfully following the human line. As we shall see. It’s a great game for all involved.




Cuddles !!! Job done !! The happy ending of a hunt where all the boots are clean (clear of blood). A great day out !


New Horizons Kuiper Belt Extended Mission

The coverage of the New Horizons fly-by on New Years Day is likely to be disrupted by Mr Trump’s shut-down. Both NASA TV and NASA social channels are now suspended. So if you want to follow the amazing KBO Encounter events from late December 31st onwards, follow @alanstern on Twitter, and @newhorizons2015. And watch this space for further news. At present my tribute track to New Horizons with dedicated video is still set to be premiered to the world at 12.02am (EST) 1st January 2019. That’s 5am Greenwich Mean Time (UK). Come what may, it will almost immediately thereafter be available on iTunes, and streamed on Spotify. See you there !!

A precious rare gem ! My song, ‘39, from ‘A Night at the Opera album. Thanks Bryan Singer ! A lot of great Bo Rhap footage lies on the cutting room floor ! Perhaps some day we will see it all !!! What do you think, folks ?! 



Gotta love Rami Malek. You can bet Freddie would, too.