Merry Christmas All !!!


Once again my pal Chiara has supplied me with the perfect Christmas card ! Thanks Chiara Tomaini – and it’s that time again ….. Merry Christmas folks !!! Peace on Earth and Good Will to all creatures !!


This is our London Stereoscopic Company Yuletide message ! Hurrah! Apologies for being so upbeat !! Hope your Christmas Day is proceeding well, folks. It’s not always as easy as it’s painted, is it ?! But … Onwards ! With love – Bri


I always had a fondness for our little Queen Christmas song. But it never got much attention out there. Probably partly because it never had a video. So now maybe we have one – thanks to the wonderful team who made our Freddie film.



Merry Christmas all !!!

We’re makin’ the best of things !!! Hope you all are too


Brian and Anita making the the best of Christmas


Just sayin’ …. No need to pressure people into doing what we do; we’re all on our own journeys. But I do find myself wondering – because I ate Turkey at Christmas for years – if we’ve all been the victims of brainwashing about ‘traditional’ Christmas fare by the advertising pressure from the producers of those unfortunate fattened birds. There’s a lot wrong with our society. I try to strike a blow for Common Decency every day. Which usually means smashing outdated and no longer acceptable beliefs and ‘traditions’. Here’s to re-evaluating everything with a compassionate sensibility in 2019. Wanna join me ?

Anita picture on Christmas table

A pretty face on a Christmas table accessory !! She’s a cracker !!! We’ll be watching this lady on TV tonight. There’s a choice ! Classic Angie getting her divorce papers on East Enders on the Drama Channel – or Torvill and Dean at 9pm on ITV. Happily I get to see her in real life – but not for long – she’s journeying back up to Hull at 5am to do another 10 shows in Cinderella the Pantomime. Easy life ? Not entirely !! But we all makes our beds !


Aaah … from them Golden Days … QUEEN at the old Wembley Stadium on Pick TV on Sky right now