New Horizons – Meeting the Navigators


I just wanted to remind us all of the wonderful past achievements of New Horizons – this flyby was over three years ago – giving mankind its very first view of this lone and distant world – which in my childhood was known only as a white dot. I was lucky enough to be there in the NH nerve centre when these two images arrived, and put them together to make this first stereo view.

Pluto flyby stereo

Pluto flyby stereo

Enjoy !! If when you free-view, Pluto looks like the inside of a hollowed out ping pong ball. And crossed eyes view.

Brian May and New Horizons team 29 December 2018

New Horizons !!! Meeting the Navigators ! I have 4 days to get reacquainted with the fantastic team who power the NH Mission. These guys have piloted the space probe 4 billion miles to the perfect placing which will allow New Horizons to sidle up close to an object never seen before by human eye – the Kuiper Belt Object known as “2014 MU69” – or “Ultima Thule”. Great excitement here – it’s exactly the moment when this mysterious tiny object begins to reveal its shape. Amazing stuff ! And at exactly 12.02 am Eastern Time we launch my New Horizons track !!! Hurrah !!!

Me at my press call a couple of hours ago – in JHUAPL. 4 hours to go here before we count down into the New Year, and we premiere my theme for New Horizons ! It’s an eerie feeling !!!

Bri at John Hopkins University APL 31 Dec 2018 - Press call

Look ! A great 3-D visualisation of the New Horizons journey viewed from the OUTSIDE !!! From Claudia Manzoni – created from the Safari Pluto app.

3-D New Horizons journey - by Claudia Manzoni

— !!!

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