Off to New Horizons today – Congratulations Chris Packham on MBE – Osiris Rex


OK Folks !

I’m off to New Horizons today. In their coming New Year, perhaps we ALL need New Horizons. I know I do. Hands up anyone whose Christmas didn’t feel perfect ? Well, me too. I’m grateful for so much, but there are problems and pain in my life that I’m not able to fix, and I think Christmas magnifies this stuff. So this year I will keep busy (it helps!) and I will look for new horizons – new ways of looking at life and making the best of it. OK ! One more time – this time in WIDE SCREEN – the third ‘teaser trailer’ for my own New Horizons Track released on New Years Day – at 12.02 am Eastern Time – that’s 5.02 am in Britain. I’ll be counting down to the New Year for NASA New Horizons !! Watch for details !!!



CONGRATULATIONS Chris Packham on the well deserved award of your MBE. Thank you for your work fighting for British Wild Animals.

Bri and Chris Packham

Good luck to Dante Loretta and the OSIRIS REX Mission on their insertion into orbit around asteroid BENNU in New Years Eve. Amazing astro achievement ! My colleague CLAUDIA Manzoni seized an opportunity to make a synchronous stereo from OR’s recent pass over Bennu’s North Pole. Here it is – quite extreme in parallax, but very enjoyable, I think ! Free-View in parallel or use an OWL viewer.

Asteroid BENNU parallel stereo

OK !!! In response to popular demand !! Crossed-eyes version of Bennu’s North pole in 3-D ! Stare at this – Go cross-eyed – and enjoy !!

Asteroid BENNU - crosseyed stereo

Cheers folks !