I see a little silhouetto…


 I see a little silhouetto … The Night of the Oscars is still reverberating in my head. Thanks to TriniQueenie3d I can relive this moment.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga

The exquisite live performance by Lady Gaga  and Bradley Cooper was for me the greatest art of the whole evening. In a moment when nobody was judging from racial or sexual or gender-preference agendas, and nobody was pushing a political agenda, these two brave performers got up cold from sitting in the audience and BLEW US ALL AWAY.

It was a moment for us all to remember what all these award ceremonies were traditionally about – rewarding the ability to engage, to emotionally move – and above all – to entertain us, in the true sense of the word.

All Hail Ga Ga/Cooper – a match made in Heaven. Art for Art’s sake is still alive !!! This song so richly deserved its Oscar. And – oh yes – my silhouette seems to be a central part of this moment ! No credit to me – but you can probably see the expression of joy on my face !


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