Latest stereo view of mysterious Ultima Thule


Thrilled to be able to share this latest stereo view of the mysterious Ultima Thule – as revealed by the New Horizons Mission. Credit NASA SWRi – Paul Schenk. With a small tweak from me.

Thanks to Alan Stern. ENJOY !!! This is the clearest, sharpest, most distant view of a solar system object EVER !

Parallel view at top, cross-eyed view below.

Ultuma Thule stereos - Parallel and Crosseyed

Who needs light ? Who needs focus ? It’s a moment ! I can deconvolve it later … ! With King Rami, my buddy, at the Vanity Fiat salubrious Bash tonight in Beverley Hills. How glam are we ?!!!

Bri and Rami - Vanity Fiat party 22 Feb 2019