Ready to rock at the Hall of Fame !!!


An infinitely self-selfying selfie – ready to rock at the Hall of Fame !!! Inducting the Def Lepps !!!

Bri - self-satisfying selfie pre-Hall of Fame

Ye Olde Brooklyne Bridge – A beauty ! Heading for Brooklyn’s Barclays Centre. Speech notes in pocket. Gotta do them boys proud ! And I wonder if anyone’s got a guitar handy ?

Brian May: Ye Olde Brooklyne Bridge 29/03/2019

This is how it looks in the Barclays Center right now – sound checking a secret song ! What an incredible buzz ! The Zombies ?!!! What ?!! Stevie Nicks ! Roxy Music ! The Cure ! And my dear pals the Def Leppard guys. Ouch ! And Radiohead, and Janet Jackson. And a special guest that NOBODY knows about … I’m jazzed ! The atmosphere here is very jolly – everyone feels lucky to be part of tonight’s one-off blast !

Brian May panning around The Barclays Center 29/03/2019