Nice sunny day for signing stuff – and – Bottle feeding time


Signed New Horizons single

It’s a nice sunny day for signing stuff. Lots of signed BM guitars going out today (from the last tour !), some fine Queen Items for Jacky for the Fan Club auctions etc.

… and I’m making a present of some of the limited edition Vinyl 12 inch NEW HORIZONS singles to my esteemed colleagues in the NASA NH mission team.

But this one is for the winner of my ‘Inspiring Post’ challenge. The winner is @martian.marshmallow whose post was simple but has stayed in my head ever since – it sums up the way I feel things ought to be perceived. “NO BORDERS – JUST HORIZONS”.

So as soon as I can get an address for Martian, this record will be on its way over. (My dear office manager Sally is trying to make contact through DM with a few of you out there so I can send this and other gifts.)

To be honest it was Hellish hard choosing the most inspiring post. Some of you were beautifully complimentary to me, as a person who inspired you – much appreciated. Some of you told such heart-wrenching stories of the hardships you’ve faced I was deeply moved and inspired. Some of you told how our music got you through hard times. I just wanted to thank you ALL for trusting me with your inner thoughts – amazingly inspiring for me. And I selected a few special messages which I just had to reward as ‘runners up’, so I’ll be attempting to send you all a signed glossy QUEEN programme from the most recent USA – as a way of saying ‘special thanks’. Phew ! Cheers folks – I hope it’s sunny down your way.

Bottle Feeding time ! One of 7 babies ! Seven orphan fox-cubs, rescued from a building project in Surrey.

My dear pal, CEO of Save-Me and Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, Anne Brummer, is on call 24 hours a day along with her volunteers, to get these little creatures through their babyhood and give them a chance in the wild, of a decent life, and the chance to bring up children of their own.  They need feeding every three hours, until they open their eyes and learn to feed themselves.  Just another day in the Rescue. These are the first rescue cubs of this year. Any ideas on names for them ?!?? Go !!!

Brian May – Seven baby foxes 25/03/2019

The seven new fox-cubs. THANKS for your great response !! OK – we liked YOUR idea – @v.andbooks – of Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Te (sorry – “Ti”) … these babes will make sweet music ! Cheers all ! Bri.

Yes – these are Red Foxes, but they won’t begin to get their red fur and long noses til they’re about a month old. Shall we give you updates ? Check out Save Me Trust  for lots of rescuee info.


A Good Morning stretch !! Our Sol-Fa family of fox cubs woke up this morning cuddled up in a ball. They have yet to open their eyes – of naturally they would still have been in a dark hole in the ground – their home ‘earth’ so seeing wouldn’t have been be necessary. Our Save-Me volunteers are looking after them tonight because Anne and I are back down to farming in Devon, on the quest of  TB free  in cattle, and an end to the futile badger cull. More later. Happy Spring, folks.

Check out to see these guys learning (not) to chew their own paws !