Which way is up ?!!


Ever get up in the morning and you don’t know which way is up ?!! Ha ha ! Well, for me, when in doubt …back on the bike ! My exercise regime isn’t very sophisticated, but it’s fairly regular. Yay ! Today is Wednesday so it’s the day I speak to a very sophisticated audience – including 4 men who walked on the Moon ! Ouch ! But David Eicher is with me @eicher.david – so all will be cool !



Yes ! My T shirt says “ I NEED SPACE !!! “ I wonder why !!

Brian and David Eicher deliver 3-D talk
Photo: Max Alexander

Tonight at STARMUS – with David Eicher – delivering our 3-D talk on the Apollo missions and the Space Race – in front of the incredible men who actually took the Human Race to the Moon. I had to pinch myself !!! Was this the real life ?! Of course I’m viewing it all through my fashionable interferometric 3-D glasses !!


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