My Cyborg counterpart’s debut performance – and Hello Seattle !!!


Ah ! So there’s a video of my cyborg counterpart’s debut performance ! Thank you Mary F [@mary26terry] for this capture.

Now the dust has settled, I’m happy that everyone in the arena last night in Vancouver thought he was me.

He needs a little more work. His bends are a little under; evidently he couldn’t hear what he was doing very clearly. Audio feedback is essential in a live situation, even for robots! But soon he will be all perfectly programmed and I will be able to enjoy a quiet drink backstage while he plays the whole show.


A view from last night of ONE of the new looks of our revolutionary transforming stage set. This picture is by Ric Lipson of Stufish – who designed and constructed this amazing rig to our specifications – but always injecting their own brilliant creative ideas. One of the great bonuses of operating at top level is interacting with top level creative people.

Red stage set rig - by Ric Lipson
Photo: Ric Lipson

Thanks Ric and Rob and the brilliant Stufish team.


Hello Seattle !!!

Great to share a moment here, once more. Gotta love the Space Needle – built for the 1962 World’s Fair; it holds a magic for me. It’s seen here in a Bri obsessive hyperstereo taken from the observation deck of the new Columbia building – 72 stories high. After all the years, I still love this stuff. Give me a high building and a camera and I’ll play for hours !

My baseline for this stereo pair of iPhone photos was about 50 feet. Watching the Sun go down up there was a treat on our day off (well, travel day, really) !

For parallel stereo,  then cross-eyed stereo in each case…

Space Needle, Seattle - parallel
Space Needle, Seattle – parallel
Space Needle - cross-eyed
Space Needle – cross-eyed
Sundown - parallel
Sundown – parallel
Sundown - parallel
Sundown – parallel

How kind am I ?!! tee hee … TOMORROW: TACOMA DOME !!! That’s a first for us. See ya there, good Washington State folks.

I’m using the i3DSteroid app to take 3-D pictures with a normal smart phone. My phone isn’t even very smart – but the app is great !!

Menu 11 July 2019

A delicious Vegan dinner at this nice un-pretentious restaurant in Seattle. Recommended. You can keep your Michelin stars – give me nice simple creative dishes like this, made from fresh local produce any day. No – I don’t eat Vegan food all the time, but I enjoy it more and more, and, by George, it makes you lose weight without trying !! And so, early to bed for me, to maximise energy for tomorrow’s gig – show number 2 – and we have some new thoughts to try out. ‘Night folks.