Seattle from the air – Tacoma here we come !!!


 Seattle from the air in Hyperstereo. For both views, the parallel view is at the top, and the cross-eyed viewing version is underneath. I’m happy to see many of you folks out there in Team Stereo are having fun taking this kind of 3-D view from aeroplane windows (and it works from cars and trains too if you’re persistent !).

Seattle from the air - 01
Seattle from the air – 01

If you like this idea, it’s easy to do. Install an app like i3DSteroid on your smart phone, and simply snap two pictures looking out of your window a few seconds apart (trial and error will soon show you how long to leave between shots in any situation). Use the app to create and save your stereos and then … share them with us !!!

Seattle from the air - 02
Seattle from the air – 02

TACOMA Here we come !!!

Some Dome !!!

Tacoma Dome - mono
Tacoma Dome – mono


Tacoma Dome - parallel
Tacoma Dome – parallel

– and cross your eyes.

Tacoma Dome - cross-eyed
Tacoma Dome – cross-eyed

And … who did this nice piece of art ? My Cyborg says … cool ! Ready to credit.

Cyborg Art by DXC Strange
Cyborg Art by DXC Strange

I guess we’re ready !!! Are you ready for a bit of a show, Tacoma-City folks ? We will give it our all !!!

Ready for a bit of a show