Thanks LA – Hello Dallas – Happy Birthday Slash

Thanks LA- By Permission Nuno Bettencourt
By Permission Nuno Bettencourt

Thanks Los Angeles for a wonderful warm reception at the Forum. People often say to us “Oooh … the LA audience is tough – they’re not easily impressed”. But that has never been our experience. To us, Los Angeles is like a home run. The energy Of the Forum brings out the best in us, and I always go home feeling fulfilled.

This time was no exception. And perhaps more emotional than ever.

And on the second night it was great to share that serendipitous moment for ‘39, at the ‘live’ 50 year re-run moment when Armstrong and Aldrin were actually on the Moon. Who would have thought that such a coincidence could occur ! We were blessed !! Ah … but astronomers don’t believe in miracles – right ?!!!

Some more great shots from our second night at the LA Forum – all courtesy of the incredible Nuno Bettencourt – in cahoots with the unbelievable Steve Vai ! Thanks guys !

LA Forum - night 2 by Nuno Bettencourt
By permission Nuno Bettencourt

Q+AL – Glitterball, LA 20/07/2019

Bri and Freddie LA Night 2 by Nuno Bettencourt
By Permission Nuno Bettencourt
Bri surrounded by phone lights - The Forum, LA, 20/07/2019
By Permission Nuno Bettencourt

Hello Dallas !!! This is what’s comin’ at ya tonight ! And so much more ! Oh Boy do we have a big surprise for you tonight !!! The Southern Heat of Texas has inspired us for 40 years. Tonight we bring it on home !!!

The Forum, LA 19 July 2019 - by Alex Kluft, UCR
The Forum LA, 19 July 2019 by Alex Kluft, UCR

Happy Birthday SLASH !!! The most blisteringly hot hard rockin’ guitarist on the planet.

Slash and Brian May