Another day… Dallas – and – Houston


Brian May: Another day… another bike – Houston 

Good Morning ! Another day, another … erm … bike !! This one doesn’t have any wheels of course, but it kinda makes me feel like I’m getting somewhere … this one is quite friendly – it’s in Houston.

We had an amazingly memorable night in Dallas last night – thanks guys. And special thanks to the fabulous Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leaders – how stunning was that !!! Proud to have you on stage with us, dear gals.

The speed of the tour whisks us away and already last night seems a long way away. Looking forward to flexing our muscles tonight in Houston. And watching our Texas folks flex theirs !!!

Well, gotta start with fitness. In mind and body. Sometimes it ain’t easy. That’s when you gotta try harder !!!

Rock On Folks !

This is all have left to tell me that last night’s glorious performance with the wonderful Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leaders actually happened ! Some stray Pom-pom Strands, and a cherished memory !!! It was all too brief. I haven’t even seen any decent pictures yet. I’ll go look. Meanwhile … bless ya’all. And a million thanks.



Aaaah ! Giving it all last night – with the glorious Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Bless ya every one.

Bri and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Photo credit: @gettyentertainment and Rick Kern.

Yeeeay ! At last ! Javier got much better footage of the Lovely Ladies from Dallas last night than anything I’ve seen. So I’m stealing this from Adam’s story ! Enjoy !


Help !!! We lost a knob ! Not just any old knob … but, sadly, one I made myself over 40 years ago for the guitar that I made with my Dad. It disappeared just as Pete was packing up last night in the Dallas American Airlines Center. It must have fallen off at the least opportune moment. PLEASE – if you know anyone who might know someone who might have picked it up ? Please let me or Pete know. It’s not that it can’t be replaced – Pete’s done that already – but the original has a great sentimental value for me. THANKS !!

Single Red Special knob

Red Special knob - stereo

Red Special showing two knobs


Thanks Lauren, Hillary and Hunter for the amazing NASA APOLLO jackets ! At the Houston Toyota Center tonight. Thanks all you guys for the great welcome backstage. TEXAS folks know a thing or two about hospitality !!!

Roger and Brian with Lauren, Hillary and Hunter and NASA Apollo jackets

Bri XX