Adam Lambert release imminent – Brilliant Musicians – Let’s hear it for Pluto


Yay ! NEW Adam Lambert release is imminent !

A tantalising snippet for your enjoyment !!!


Long time since I laughed out loud at a video. This is truly brilliant. I HAD to share. QUICK ! Follow Brilliant Musicians for more musical gems. THANKS GUYS – I hope you’ll forgive me bootlegging you. Credits ? Who is the drummer ?!! 



Pluto deserves to be a Planet

Well, not that I have any authority… but, for what it’s worth, I strongly agree. Pluto was discovered and named as a planet a while before I was born. At that time it was generally instinctively understood that a Planet was one of a family of roughly spherical objects that orbited the Sun (rather than orbiting something else). So, to me, Pluto is a classical PLANET. End of story. We can easily choose to make Pluto the outer edge of the classical planet zone, in which case we’ll end up with 9 planets and an ever-increasing number of Kuiper Belt Objects great and small, as they are discovered. Anybody like my definition ? It would have saved a lot of trouble 10 years ago !! Incidentally, the origins of the word planet are no help at all. The word simply means “wandering star” from the Greek, as I understand it, although Greek is not my strong point !

Let’s hear it for PLUTO – the 9th Planet !! If you agree, let me know – and I will show Alan Stern – the genius who revealed the magnificent appearance of Pluto at close quarters – through the NASA New Horizons Mission. I was proud to be a very small part of that triumph. Alan’s team use a nine-fingered salute (to which I subscribe) so there is little doubt what side they are on !!!