Lazy man’s hyperstereo – I’m back home now


Here’s a lazy man’s hyperstereo technique ! It’s also a safe method if you know it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You sacrifice a bit of resolution…. not a problem.

Method ? Just point the phone camera out of the window and video what comes up.

Brian May: Lazy man’s hyperstereo

Then choose a couple of screen shots from the resulting ‘movie’, spaced just enough to give you the effect you want (and you can change your mind !!). Import the two screenshots into your i3DSteroid app, adjust at will, and Bob’s your Uncle! (that was one of my Dad’s favourite expressions, and I don’t know if I can really translate this bit of colloquial English, except to say that the answering phrase was “Fanny’s your Aunt!”). Well, essentially, job done !!

See the (rough) stereos – first parallel, and then cross-eyed.


Clouds hyperstereo - parallel


Clouds hyperstereo - cross-eyed

I’m back home now, doing a lot of sleeping, and that fabulous USA tour seems like a dream. So I’ll probably be a bit quiet for a while. Thanks, folks, for following our adventures with me. It was quite a trip. Big announcement coming later today !!!