In Tuscany


A nice moment for me and a legend ! What’s the story ? Tell you later !

Bri and Mike Love - in Tuscany

Yes ! This is NOT Roger Taylor (ha ha ! that made me smile !) but the legendary Mike Love from the legendary Beach Boys. We were in Tuscany, playing at a birthday celebration for a gentleman and his wife – and who should be playing in the tent next door? Those surf music veterans whose wonderful hits we all grew up listening to. It was a private do, so our hosts wanted to keep it that way – … although a local newspaper leaked the news (of course). But a very jolly time was had by all ! More soon. 

How kind ! The folks at the party we played at in Tuscany – led by our lovely hostess who is a huge animal lover – got together a spontaneous donation to The Save-Me Trust to fight to save our badgers. Bless you all !!!

Donations in Tusany - photo Sharon Ashley
Photo by Sharon Ashley

I’ve been enjoying the beauty of Italy. I sat mesmerised watching the light from the setting sun play on Brunelleschi’s wonderful cathedral dome. And I reflected on the myriad cultural wonders of Europe that I’ve been privileged to see in close-up over the years we’ve been taking our music around the world. I love Europe, and pray that somehow a miracle will happen and we will stay a part of it. Parallel stereo, then below, cross-eyed version.

Brunelleschi cathedral - parallel

Brunelleschi cathedral - cross-eyed