Good Morning from the Underworld !


Good Morning from the Underworld ! Yes – I’m up at a HELLISH hour to talk DIABLERIES on Zoë Ball’s Radio show on BBC Radio 2 – I’m on at 8.03 am !!! Ouch !! – photo by my magnificent PR Queen, Nicole Ettinger.

Bri at BBC Radio 2 Braekfast

With the truly lovely Zoe Ball this morning at an unholy hour on BBC Radio 2. What a joy to party on the air with Zoë, Shirley Ballas, and the amazing James Blunt – who sang magnificently live and dangerous. Photo: Nicole Ettinger.

Bri with Zoe Ball - BBC Radio 2

What a great surprise this morning – to experience James Blunt at point-blank range. I knew him as great songwriter but I didn’t realise what a powerful and passionate performer he was – erm – IS. Made me wanna get up and play! His band is great too. Hot stuff.

Bri with James Blunt - BBC R2

Getting in the Halloween mood ! Wonderful clip… Thanks Linda Geijs.


We’ll be celebrating the incredible 1860s 3-D phenomenon of the DIABLERIES with the first Diableries Exhibition for 160 years at the Century Club, Soho, London 11am to 4pm. Devilish !