Memeworthy – Evil stepmother – Boy’s day out


Lovely !! Thanks ! Happy to be considered Memeworthy. But you haven’t seen me trying to get out of bed in the morning !!! Ha ha !


Hey Kids ! There’s still time to get your Panto Tickets !! Especially if you hang out near Northampton. Once again my amazing Missus will be the epitome of an Evil Stepmother. And don’t say “ Oh no she won’t ! “ Book now to avoid disappointment !

Anita Dobson - Cinderella panto poster 2019

Boys’ day out !! Me and my astro buddies played truant today – at the London Science Museum. Brilliant ! A 3-D movie shot in the International Space Station – a tour of the Apollo artefacts collection, and a virtual audience with Sir Isaac Newton ! Yes – here I am with the inventor of the colours of the rainbow. The current Astronomer Royal (Sir Martin Rees) insists in most of his lectures that I resemble the great man. Don’t see it myself !

My mates are Prof Matt Taylor – heavy metal influenced boss of the ESA Rosetta mission to rendezvous with that spectacular binary comet – and Alex Milas – founder of Space Rocks and Sci Fi expert. We also did Tapas and beers. A great day off !!!

And – yes – I have been Taylored – as you can see ! Well, it wouldn’t be the first time !

Bri and Sir Isaac Newton

Matt Taylor, Alex Milas and Bri with Sir Isaac Newton