The Daily Tail – and – Really bad fake


From the paper that’s proud to admit it propagates scandal !! Yes – I thought we at the Daily Tail might as well join in with the endless propaganda aimed at annihilating the character of Jeremy Corbyn. After all, it’s easy – just pay someone to offer another vicious slur on his activities and splash it across the front page of our newspaper. Yes, the Daily Tail can keep on telling the same lies every day and eventually people will believe them …right ? No matter whether you like Corbyn’s politics or not – how can this continual defamation of his character be legal ? Where is the Truth ? Where is Common Decency ? Do we care ? OK – Yes, this may be a preposterous fake – but I can assure you the front covers of the Mail will be just as preposterous in the coming days prior to the election. Watch and see !! Does anyone actually believe this stuff ? Unfortunately, probably yes. It’s a very dirty game.

Daily Mail - Corbyn eats rats

Daily Mail - Corbyn in crisis"

Daily Mail - Corbyn security danger"

Now here’s a REALLY bad fake !!! Do not be fooled !!! This is fraudulent. And also crap !!! Where is Truth ?

Fake t-shirt